Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Natural Selection

Survival of the fittest.

Survival of those who are better equipped for surviving.

Survival of the fit enough.


But when one does not have internet access from home, it truly makes for a modern-age natural selection.

Can I handle it? Can I forego the usual ritual of perusing facebook and blogs alike? Can I resist the whirlwind force to string together words from the english language for the whole world to see? Am I capable of not resorting to google for everything- from bed shopping on craig's list, to directions in my new city of Salt Lake, to detachment from the world beyond my small bubble (no Yahoo news updates?! How do I FUNCTION?!)

Well, folks.

I did do it. I did handle it. Thanks to Destiny's Child, I am a survivor! Comcast relieved me of any future unfavorable repercussions... today.

Guess I am fit. Or at least Darwin would think so.

But I could be even more so. And with a little help from an (almost) paid gym membership through my work, it shouldn't be too difficult. I have already made friends with several treadmills at Gold's gym- even when my tush was apparently too aggressive on the landing of foot to rubber, and the TV connected to the machine began to shake. violently.

Oh, that's me making all that ruckus? Sorry.....

Here's to a LOVELY rental home near Sugar House with even LOVELIER roommates, wearing scrubs to work everyday (wake up, get out of my pajamas, and put on more pajamas), and the first paycheck!

XoXo, Nurse Mer

Psst.. if you are really interested, stay tuned for a future incoming swarm of stories and pics to accompany about a little bachelorette party down south. In Vegas. (though some mementos will need to stay right where they remain in the city of bright lights, booze, and boobies).

Psst, Psst.. This weekend looks to be epic. EPIC!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sink or Swim

As I was driving to Albertson's on 23 East tonight, I set my car's radio station channels to Utah's finest, and that's when it hit me.

I am no longer a visitor to the 801. I am not making the four and a half hour drive back to Boise at the weekend's closure. Living out of a suitcase will no longer be the precedent when in Utah.

I am officially an Idaho-born-and-bred transplant to Salt Lake City.

Excited, nervous, happy, anxious, independence, sad... Conflicting emotions are through the roof.

But I am here.

And I really am diggin' it.
Though, I'm not so sure if my belly agrees with the aforementioned declaration. Not after finishing an entire plate of Bang-Bang (yeah, who knows...?) Chicken and Shrimp at Cheesecake Factory, with carrot cake cheesecake for dessert, and three too many cups of Coke-heavy on the Diet. My ladies Julie, Jess, and I sure know how to satiate the slightest of hunger pains.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Adult Size

Intentionally put the PrintMaster designed sign above the TV; so when the party comes to enjoy the National Championship over pizza and cake, we can all be reminded of the real reason to celebrate. (Boy, I am getting rather crafty these days. Not sure what this means..!)

Eighteen years ago, today, my younger brother, Madison, was born into this world. And with him he not only brought chubby cheeks and blond hair, but a mild temperament, a care free smile, and an easy-going approach to everything and everyone he encounters.
Though his hair has darkened to a sandy brown, and his round face has thinned, and now adorns the top of his 3% body fat dimensions, his lovable personality has not changed. He may rip and roar down a ski hill while mid run pulling a 360 degree turn tailgrab, and he may unintentionally stick his tongue out (Michael Jordan style) whenever his aggressive veracity on a sport court flares, but to me...
He is my "little" brother, who is always willing to give me a smile and to laugh at my silly jokes. We have so much fun together, and we both understand one another, especially when words are not even expressed.
Happy Birthday, Maddog!!!
I love you, and I will miss you...


January 14th is the official START-WORK day in Salt Lake! I am so excited to rejoin my family at Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians in less than a week!

I am feeling rather nostalgic as I prepare to leave home. I do love Boise.

But loyalty and $$$ are such convincing lures...

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Holiday Break: Yes, it's true a designated holiday break means a vacation from school and all of the wonderful components it entails: homework, deadlines, and hospital cafeteria lunches.
And so shouldn't a vacation mean catching up on some Z's, too?

Strange, but no.

Not when my "holiday break" means...

....Graduating, and the fun parties to celebrate this momentous occasion. Grandma and Grandpa Anderson (Mangum) even came to honor the graduate.

....Christmas. And Rich Man's Dessert. And cranberry salad, rolls, and cheesy potatoes. And valuable time with the Peays. And a fabulous new red pea coat.

....Rockin' knee high powder at Sun Valley and the inevitable deeeeep thigh burn.
....Early morning wakeup phone calls to ensure a timely departure for the ski hill.
....Perfecting 5 or 6 "expert-looking" turns in thick, wet, heavy snow under Pine Creek (chair six) at Bogus Basin. But then as I fear my increasing speed, I make one long turn, to then resort back to the expert I wish I was. Apparently I like to vacillate between good, and really good. Keeps me humble.

....Cheddar burgers for lunch, everyday, at Bogus. Complete with french fry condiments- yes, condiments. I am skiing hard; I will burn it off, right? I have never had so much cow and grease in one week. And not cared.
....Quick showers, no time for hair blow dryers, and then pretending like I fit in at Murphy's Steakhouse with wet locks and messily applied lipstick. But this time, I obeyed the "Eat More Chikn" suggestion.

....The greatest new year's eve. Ever. And the greatest kiss to usher in 2009. Ever. A big thanks to Kanye for his "Flashing Lights."

....Movie, after movie, after movie. Benjamin Button reaffirmed that the waterworks are still fully functioning.
....Dinners, drinks, and trips down memory lane with old friends. Great friendship may come and go, but remembering it happened is so rejuvenating.

....And after one day on the ski hill, learning that love can be rekindled. And ohhhhh the flame is burning. Hot.

Two thousand and eight could not have ended on a more beautiful note. I view this dramatic exit as a perfect entrance for the ninth year of this second millenia.

As I reflect back on the past couple of weeks, it is difficult to summarize all the fun into small bullet points. We all know I could write a novel on the black velour pant suit I received for Christmas, but for your sake, I will resist.

Hence, my New Year's resolution? To keep journaling, blogging, writing. Yes, I have been actively doing so since April, but it is a new found love of mine, and I want to always remember that. I often supplement my blogs with private personal entries on my Microsoft Word hard drive, but I have so enjoyed sharing my life with you. I am an open book; I tend to share a great deal of myself publicly, and I am not ashamed of it. I learn from you and your writings, and I only hope to offer you the same.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

And Nothing Else Matters

A quick, but necessary disclaimer: If this blog is upsetting to you in any form, then don't read it. Ahem, with that being said...
I am alive, despite my severe lack of blogging.
And I am in love.

Sunday "linner" is calling.. and as I have been away from my home for almost days on end, except for sleeping (sometimes), I must prioritize time with my family.

Will blog again, soon.